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The most common thing we hear at Lewis Media is that "We just don't have time to promote ourselves". Of course you don't! You're too busy doing what you do best - running your business. That's why Lewis Media Consulting exists. We spend our time developing strategic approaches to marketing

so that our clients can take care of their clients. It may be building a website, writing an article, designing some print information, making phone calls or...even something else...if you are too busy doing what you do to handle your marketing and media, give us a call. We look forward to helping you!


Campaign Management
Content Creation

Trinity Lewis

Wyoming native Trinity Lewis has worked with industries of all kinds to help tell the stories of her clients in order to help them meet their marketing, media and public relations goals.
Trinity Lewis, Lewis Media Consulting,Wyoming


Lewis Media Consulting evaluates your needs and then locates or creates the resources to fulfill them. Video creation, website development, radio advertising and public relations are some of what we regularly handle but our SPECIALTY is developing strategic solutions for your business's challenges. 
“Lewis Media Consulting had a creative and intuitive approach to my email marketing. Trinity was ready to help where I needed her the most. I recommend them for any of your media or marketing needs!”
- Frank Sanders, Devils Tower Climbing
Trinity is a true expert in the field of website designing. She is highly motivated and has never hesitated to share her knowledge with me, so that I can also edit and run the website on my own. Trinity fully understands how much it takes to make a small business work and will not waste a minute of your time. She is a pleasure to work with and is always up for anything and everything I propose. I've been totally blown away by Trinity’s support and encouragement along this new business adventure. My site has been flourishing since I teamed up with Lewis Media Consulting and I would recommend them to everyone! 
- Jordan Thurston - Miller, CrissCross Chaos





“When Trinity takes on a job, she does it to her full ability. You can count on her to complete the task with energy, enthusiasm and creativity. When she tells you she’ll do something, she will and she’ll have it done on or before the project deadline.”
- Jennifer Womack, Sagebrush Marketing


I own and operate my own business. I needed to promote my new-born business with current and up-to-date ideas. I had no idea where to even start. Then I met Trinity with Lewis Media. What a blessing, she took me by the hand and walked me through the process of social media, marketing and created a website that is state of the art yet easy to maneuver. She made videos for me, with intelligent and creative ways to distribute and market. No matter what I asked from Trinity, she finds a way to make it happen. She is prompt, punctual, professional, affordable and willing to invent new ways to grow your business. I am MORE than PLEASED with all aspects of Lewis Media.
- Wendy Auzqui, Creekside Stockdogs






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